Issue #3 – How many Bricks does it take to change a Lightbulb?

Hello again Internet,

Well the Sailor Scouts definitely got a few hits, a few of them having emotional fits from what I wrote, geez who could have guessed that Sailor Satan (Pluto) could cause so much chaos with them?

On the back of last week’s blog I got to catch up with Sailor Neptune at Chromacon and was most impressed with the works of art being displayed, sold and created there, even picked up a few myself… So thanks for suggesting I go Neptune, was very cool.

Sailor Venus guessed what’s this week’s blog is about before I even published the title – today is all about LEGO.

Hogwart 4

Yes, those little bricks that cause imaginations of children and children-like adults to take shape, it’s also those little bricks that if you don’t pick up off the floor your bare-footed parents walk straight over the top of and yell the house down. An experience I was all too familiar with as a child.


I have played with Lego for as long as I can remember and I have amassed a rather impressive collection of it as I’ve gotten older. From about the age of 11 right through to about 16, my parents and extended family purchased me the Lego Harry Potter sets as each movie was released. The very first being the end scene of Philosopher’s Stone (Sorcerer’s Stone to Americans) where Harry looks into the Mirror of Erised and finds the Stone in his pocket much to Voldemort’s dismay. The final piece was the Hogwarts Castle, however I did purchase the Hogwarts Express for myself at the age of 20.

Hogwarts 1

Since then I’ve gone into collecting the Lego Creator Expert sets, so the Fire Station, Town Hall, Parisian Restaurant, Pet Shop & Apartment Complex and “The Palace” movie theatre. (Recently seen there is a Detective’s Agency and Barber Shop, a total must have for me right now) and the Lego Super Hero sets for both Marvel and DC. I’m trying to obtain one mini-figure of each hero.


I’m trying to think of the appeal to Lego as I write this and I think it was the fact that as I was an only child, it was something I could do on my own, build the city or set and drive it around the room, speak the speech of the Lego Citizen’s and have Mum & Dad awe at my building skills. Why I didn’t study architecture I don’t know …. (It’s cause I can’t draw actually) … but yeah it was a definite day event for me. I even combined the Lego with my Pokemon toys and built stadiums, gyms and habitats for them all to destroy as they trained.

City 1

Just looking up online, in the little city that now sits in my lounge there are a rough combined total of 12715 bricks and that’s literally the buildings only, not all the vehicles and people all over the place, there is also the Mini MiniCooper which is 1075 bricks in its own right. There’s definitely a good 24 hours worth of building time in there too, possibly more.

City 2 City 3 City 5 City 6

Now I’m just showing off, bringing this back to a sharing post rather than a bragging post, I would love to go to Legoland in either America or Denmark, but who knows if that will ever happen. Can I kickstarter for people to pay for that trip? Is that even allowed? Would totally buy people stuff from there if they donated enough, with varying levels of gift awesomeness haha.

Gah! I wish I had mCity 7ore to write, oh Lego Games – yes ok … LOVE the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game, the Lego NYC and some of my favourite heroes make AWESOME Lego Minifigures / Settings, I mean, who can resist the Lego X-Mansion or Lego Stark Tower, oh oh Lego Sanctum Sanctorum!!! WAY COOL! Wish there was a Lego Doctor Strange Minifigure and Emma Frost and Psylocke and Jean Grey and She-Hulk and Silver Surfer and Havok and Beast and the list could go on for ages ….. but yeah, they are way awesome to play as, well some more that others. Was mightily annoyed that in the game Lego Storm can only hover not fly, same with Jean Grey but Phoenix can fly, as can Thor, and Doctor Strange. Complete discrimination against Mutants in that game – will save that for another blog …. ahem, blog series.


I did get to check out the Lego Expo at Lunar Park this year during my Sydney Trip with Sailor Mercury, now that was pretty sweet. Check out the “Stages of Life” creations in the pictures below, they are very well done.


And whilst I have a lot more from that Expo, I feel between the photos of my own collection (courtesy of my flatmate) and the photos Stages of Life, I “photo’d” out all I can on this blog.


Short I know, but you really have to experience the joy of playing with Lego, not talk about it.


I will say this, Lego has gotten hell expensive as I’ve gotten older, the Lego Creator Expert pieces (The Town Hall etc) are between 300.00 NZD and 400.00 NZD each !!!


I almost feel guilty every time I purchase one, but still I swap my card or hand over that cash and the guilty gets pushed aside by the excitement to put the set together, much to some of my friends and my mother’s disappointment. But hey?! At least I’ll have something to put in my Mausoleum when I eventually decide to die right? How cool will that be as a ghost making all the toys move on their own?! Haunted Lego sets mwahahahahaha!!!! – Ok cutting out the morbidness now.


Ok so next blog is a big one, why? Well I’m going to see Avengers before I write it and well, it will tie in nicely to the joy of comics.

Stay tuned next time for; Issue #4 – He’s Superfast and She’s Really Weird

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