Issue #6 – You there, The Monstrous One. We Are Not Amused!

Hello again Internet,

I had a few comments from friends in real-life regarding the Emma Frost blog, for some it wasn’t a surprise but for others, they didn’t know that I had such a dark place in my mind. Now I’ve come a long way from that high-school victim, and whilst I’m still not all sunshine and lollipops, there are very few humans who are, I’m not about to go poisoning people who piss me off.

Anyway, this weekend Rei was up in Auckland for one of her gigs so whilst she was here I thought it would be a great time to get her input on this weekend’s blog, now since Rei has a bigger connection to this character than I, a lot of this blog will be what the same personality traits, or events or powers mean to us, almost a comparison of how we view the same character I guess.

So without further ado, let us get into this week’s character, the pickpocket, the thief, the Goddess, the Weather Witch (and the Snowplow), the Leader, the Queen, the Avenger, the Fantastic Four Member, the X-Man, the teacher, the mutant.


Just before we go any further with Rei, let’s just cover Storm’s background in the comics;

Storm is from a line of Kenyan Priestesses, all those with magic potential are born with white hair and blue eyes, her parents were killed in the collapse of hotel during a trip to Cairo, and Ororo survived but not without its consequences, she developed severe claustrophobia. She lived on the streets of Cairo, stealing for a man named Amahl Farouk after learning her basic skills from the King of Thieves. It is around this time she first encounters Xavier though it was years later before she would join the X-Men.

She develops the power over the elements of nature and becomes worshipped as a Goddess on the Serengeti, she meets T’Challa, the soon to be King of Wakanda and Black Panther, among others, before finally accepting Xavier’s offer and joining the X-Men with Banshee, Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Thunderbird and Wolverine

As the years went by Storm’s powers grew, to the point I could write an entire blog solely on her powers and how she has used them, she became a big sister to the new mutant, Kitty Pryde (Sprite, turned Ariel, turned Shadowcat or whatever unimpressively non-threatening name she’s goes by these days), a sister-friend to Jean Grey and eventually warmed up to the mutant Rogue, though at first she held bitter resentment for what the then outlaw Rogue had done to the hero Ms. Marvel.


We could keep going but Ororo has been through so much that she is unable to have it all compressed like Emma and Wanda.

She has faced down cosmic entities, transcended realities and dimensions, been de-aged, de-powered, re-aged and re-powered, turned into a host for the magical embodiment for Eternity, she has been a slave, a leader, an Asgardian Goddess and even had her mind swapped by Emma Frost.

Storm’s powers have also evolved over time too, initially being able only to generate and manipulate wind, rain and lightning, Storm has extended her control over to the very fabric of nature. She is able to merge molecules together or pull them apart, and she wears a costume made of unstable molecules letting her swap between her Storm outfit and civilian clothes to show this, she has created a hydrogen bomb in battle with the Silver Surfer, altered the atmosphere of other planets, other worlds in alternate dimensions and even created an atmosphere where there was none. Storm has the unique ability to control atmospheric energies in all its form, she perceives the world as energy, rather than looking at the UV light or colour spectrum bounced off objects like we do. Her emotions are also tied to the atmosphere, her emotions affect it and the loss of balance affects her. She speaks of the Earth specifically as a living being in its own right and has more respect for it that any other Marvel Character, in fact even Poison Ivy who is the hippy of the DC universe doesn’t respect her Earth as much as Storm does.

Needless to say, Ororo’s class (when introduced) is very much on par with Iceman, Phoenix and Legion as Omega Level, but she is started as an Alpha Level mutant, like Psylocke, Shadowcat, Colossus, Havok, Polaris and Northstar. Recently Storm and Emma Frost have been increased to Omega Level mutants by X-Men writers, though not all Marvel writers agree, most likely as the rule for Omega mutants are those who have limitless potential for power growth, for instance, Jean Grey/Phoenix and David Haller/Legion and some feel they have not proven this limitless potential, Psylocke is another who is bound for Omega status but she has her own lengthy story that explains the reasoning there. None-the-less, I think most Storm fans would agree that Ororo Munroe is definitely deserving of the Omega Level Rank.



ffcd22a5880f4cbdc77083d799154252 (1)

Controlling dirt is nothing to one who controls the wind and rain” – Storm (90’s Cartoon)


Enough background for now, as more will arise during the rest of this post, but whilst Rei is out doing her gig, I’m going to start with what parts of Storm’s existence mean to me, starting with her powers actually.

Now I love psychic powers, I always will – they are what I want and what I believe I am entitled to, but during my dark days in high-school, and even now whenever I have a bad day, I still want Storm’s control over the elements to use in a destructive manner, I would often daydream about summoning lightning to my hands and blasting a person, building or vehicle with it.

I think it’s why I like horrid weather so much too, the idea that the elements are the most destructive force to man is terrifying and exciting to me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be anywhere near an earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami or tornado, but I do love watching the videos of just what they do to the cities in their path.

I actually love the fact that Storm speaks as Earth’s avatar too, the idea that one person can bring swift justice to those who decide to destroy the world in the name of war or selfishness, well it made me feel like the reason we cannot calculate the weather or build ways to withstand it completely is because we live on Earth, not own it, and wild weather is nature’s way of reminding us. I also love that she is all about balance, she can summon the limitless cold of the arctic, but it doesn’t generate out of no where, she shifts the atmosphere to where she needs it and she has to put it back when she’s done.


Gambit, the term “rec room” does not mean you must wreck it.” – Storm (90’s series) 

The elements marshal their infinite might at my beckoning! Power seethes in the roiling clouds! Now, at my command — STRIKE!” – Storm (Comics)

Thunder? Are you so drunk with artificial power that you would compare your impotent noise to the earth-shaking fury of nature itself ? That, boastful child, is not “thunder”. THIS is thunder… the elemental fury of Storm unleashed !” – Storm (Comics)


Wind and Water, Whirl and Rage!” – Storm (90’s series) 

Whirl Mighty Winds and carry us to Jean!” – Storm (90’s series) 

“A whirlwind should help effect a rescue” – Storm (90’s series) 

I’m a Weather Witch, not a snowplow, I’m doing the best I can!” – Storm (X-Men Evolution) 

From the ends of the Earth, send limitless cold upon him!” – Storm (90’s series)

Storm’s humour also appeals to me a lot, she is very dry witted like Emma Frost, and often uses sarcasm to prove a point with people, I think this comes from her royal status and it’s meant to be her talking down on people (like Rei and I do often) but her lines are very memorable, the ones above are commonly thrown between Rei and I in different social situations or for fun or to fill awkward silences during phone calls.

I think for me the main reason I like Storm is she is the character who introduced me to Rei – I guess, she stands out so much as there really are a number of comparisons that prove Rei is Storm of our universe, just as I am David Haller.


Storm from Rei’s perspective:

I came across Storm in a comic when I was about 5 or so, and the comic was in this book/stationary store (Murray’s Books, Toys & Stationary), I found a Wonder Woman comic book & started reading it on the floor, with the store owner telling me if I was going to read it I had to buy it. So I begged my father to pay for that one and a couple others that I had picked up. When I got home to read through them, it was during the Dark Phoenix Saga, where Storm said her mighty speech, almost like an incantation whilst she summoned a hurricane to attack the Dark Phoenix that I noticed her. Initially I was taken back by the Dark Phoenix art, but noticed and became interested in the fact that Ororo was dark skinned, blue eyes and had white hair making her so different from the rest of the team, I decided I had to read everything I could of the X-Men to discover more about who she was. This was not a simple task growing up in a small New Zealand town where you could pick up a comic that was 50 issues behind the rest of the world and that was it, that was your choice, that 1 comic.

I then discovered she was a minority within a minority within a minority being a woman, black and a mutant, and yet her amazing abilities still not really earning her respect from the general populace and I saw myself as a minority within a minority with amazing abilities.

And from there, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked …… Only Storm (or Rei) master of all the elements could stop them, but when the world needed her most, she became a Wonder Woman / Cheetara / Jem & The Holograms (Misfits FTW) fangirl.

Everyone has accepted that I am Storm, after everything she went through – accustoming herself to western life, being de-powered by the man she then falls for, getting mohawk’d, turning into T-Boz from TLC (Onslaught Saga look & my least favourite) and de-aged, Storm’s personality remained true to Storm, I realised I too had had as many hardships and remain true to myself – except I retained my weather manipulative abilities. (Yeah Right Rei! – Hey! Shut up Lolo! One well placed lightning bolt…)

In 2006, I joined and started using my personal page to slowly get into the X-Men Roleplay community, I didn’t officially have the “Raging Tempest” Storm page until 2008. I was the only mainstream Storm roleplayer, by that I mean I portrayed the Storm character for the Marvel 616 Universe (so the standard comic universe where the X-Men were first established). There were other people who played other/alternate universe versions, but none stood the test of time like I did, and when CCS joined as Archangel/Warren Worthington III I was already heavily established within our little big community.


I’ve never been a fan of the pairings chosen for Storm’s romantic interests;

  • Forge (who de-powers her) had bad hair and eyebrows, there should be 2, no seriously, he was so stupidly nice about everything and thought saying “sorry” was going to magically reverse what was done. Then proceeded to start seeing Mystique on the side, and cheating is well worth a hydrogen bomb to the face.
  • Arkon (who wooed her then tried to convince her to stay with him in an alternate dimension, under false pretences) was a dick. That’s all.


  • Khan (tries to conquer the 616 dimension) was a fool and like many of them in love with Storm for all the wrong reasons
  • Wolverine (recently prior to his death) was her best friend for years and were like siblings not lovers. He should have stayed stuck in the Jean/Scott/Logan love-triangle
  • Black Panther (her childhood sweetheart, who took her virginity in the forest of Wakanda) was a stubborn, pig-headed man and the reason they had a marriage councillor, tears off her cape and is a terrible husband *simulates punch to the face breaking the nose*
  • Quicksilver (AOA lover) … um I wasn’t happy with the Storm of the AOA universe, so this, this is a figment of everyone’s imagination and therefore, never happened. (Yeah but Rei there are comics…. I said, this never happened. Yeah but … NEVER HAPPENED!)
  • Gambit (unsure of the exact timing of this, possibly more a brother/sister deal when they first meet during Storm’s de-aged days) – I have no problems with a Storm/Gambit relationship, none at all.

And for Storm’s close “friends;”

  • Jean Grey (Phoenix) (they were like sisters, Jean helping Storm get use to life in the western world) never really listened to Storm’s advice, and the bitch just don’t stay dead.

Random X-Man: “Storm! Jean’s Dead!!”

Storm: “Really? For real this time? You promise me child?”

Random X-Man: “Yes Storm, she’s really dead.”

Storm: “Don’t toy with my emotions now child, I cannot take anymore of this.”

Random X-Man: “I know its hard Storm, but you’ll be fine, life will go on.”

Storm: “What are you talking about fool, I mean I can’t deal with her bloody resurrections, once was too much, if she comes back I’ll put her in the ground myself!”


  • Shadowcat (takes a motherlike approach to her) nothing really wrong with the relationship, but Kitty was that annoying child you just want to smother with a pillow in her sleep. Perhaps she can join Jean in the “stay dead bitch column”
  • Colossus (she considers their relationship very brother/sister after he turned to Storm as a confidant) I didn’t like how the relationship ended. Though watching them throw each other around in the X-Jet was pretty freakin’ cool.

In closing …… Lolo, answer this …. Uh, yeah thanks for that Rei, so we could continue going on and on and on until I’m blue in the face and Rei’s hair goes completely white like Ororo’s but we just don’t have the time and I’m pretty you as the readers are fed with us talking.

Rounding off this “Storm is way better than you” blog post, is one of Rei’s favourite quotes (I’d say it’s a mantra of hers):

I will fight for you. Someday, I might die for you. But do not ever ask me again to steal for you, Professor Xavier. I am an X-Man… and we have to be better than that.


Stand by mutants as, Goddess willing, Issue #7 comes to completion; “Issue #7- There’s a Reason Folks call me Crazy”

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