Issue #7 – There’s a Reason Folks Call Me Crazy

Here’s a thing: When your dad’s the planet’s foremost psychic mindbotherer, you get a wee bit bloody used to things being weird. For instance: there’s a place my most secret thoughts’re broadcast like a ballgame announcement. There a conceptual realm inside my broken brain, with every appearance of a crappy B-movie sci-fi prison. Weird, no? I warned you. See… my mind infested a couple hundred insane egos, each with it own killcrazy super-power. My father and I spent years trying to keep these wee bastards at bay. Years of too many accident. Too much tragedy. Years of which I thought finally paid off when this place was conceived. A jail as a good way as any to control the unruly. My name is David Haller. Out in the real world people call me Legion. I wish they bloody wouldn’t. My father’s dead. He’s dead, and I’m not entirely ready to think about that, except that the shockwave of it appear to’ve bugged everything up. So… this whole “prison-for-a-brain” idea? –I’m a wee bit concerned it’s not working out.” – David Haller/Legion (X-Men Legacy)

That’s right internet, the next character in this five part series is none other than Professor Charles Xavier’s Omega Level Mutant son, Legion.1983543-x_men_legacy248_0009

Ladies and Gentlemen you have now reached the centre of Batshitcrazy City, please ensure you take all belongings with you as you are pushed from the vehicle.

683369-x_men_41__1995___puar_dcp__16My favourite X-Men villain I was totally all for him after reading the Legion Quest series, and was gutted when they had him killed himself originally (seeing as he went back in time to kill Magneto in the hopes it would mean that Charles would be around to raise him, but instead young Charles saves Magneto and is killed in his place, causing David to have never been born and sets off the Age of Apocalypse Universe) but once the X-Men undid the work of Legion and set the timeline back on track David returned too, this time to take on the ever so fresh New Mutants.

Legion’s power is probably the most complex to explain, David has every power imaginable. I mean it. Every power. The downside to so much power is that each different power is housed within a different persona within his mind. David suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, or Schizophrenia, and this is what makes him dangerous – in order to use a power he must give that persona control over his body for the time required. The more that persona stays in control, the harder it is for David to regain it.

Originally David was a super-telepath like Charles, Jean and Emma. He also developed the power to absorb the psyches of others into his mind, like he does with Jemail Karami (a terrorist who attacked him at the time David’s powers manifested) and thus Jermail became the first of 3 other major personalities David would exhibit at the start of his run;

Jack Wayne – Telekinetic

Cyndi – Pyrokinetic

Jermail Karami / David Haller – Telepathy

As years went on, David develope250px-XMEN-LegionPowers (1)d thousands of personalities to the point he was unable to keep control, so Charles Xavier, The Stepford Cuckoos, Emma Frost and Doctor Nemesis perform a series of psychic surgeries on David’s mind, entrapping roughly 80% of David’s personas into a prison like mind scape and giving him a wristband that allowed him to dial a number to a corresponding persona and borrow there power whilst maintaining control over his body.


With the help of Merzah the Mystic, David gains a great amount of control over his powers by constructing a prison in his mind and locking away many sub-personalities while using needled gloves to drain the persona of its power. However, this control was destroyed when a Phoenix Force-possessed Cyclops killed Professor X, which caused a mental shock that caused Legion to lose control and destroy the place he was in and free all the evil personalities. This caused the death of Merzah the Mystic and many others. Also, unknown to David a new persona emerges and kills another persona. One by one, the Legion personas take control of David’s body and start wreaking havoc around the world. David takes his body back over and finds out that he is in China. There he is attacked by people and helped by an unknown entity who uses a dead goat to build a body for itself. However, the stranger begins to insult David’s father and kill some of the people and David was being pursed by one of his sub-personas and it got close to him. David defeats the persona and uses its power to knockout the people and read the mind of the stranger to find it full of hate for him, his father, and mutants in general. Also, David finds out there are two twin mutants in need of help. David decides to help them and takes control of his power once and for all.

After finding his way to Japan, Legion is ambushed and captured. Later, David learns that the twins are not prisoners but the heirs of Logan’s old enemy Ogun. However, Legion notes that the twins are not doing what they do willingly and convince them that if they don’t want to do something they shouldn’t be forced to as they are children. Legion also admits to himself that his father wasn’t perfect and just because he died doesn’t mean he was, and there is no harm in trying to be better. This allows David to gain more self-confidence, which makes him mentally stronger and able to beat another persona and drain it and use its power. Legion asks the twins to accompany him in his journey and the twins accept his offer. However, the same entity that David met tricks the X-Men to make them think that Legion was going to hurt the twins, so that they attacked the location, demanding that Legion step away from the twins.

In the final issue of X-Men: Legacy, Legion, reaching the full extent of his powers, decides to erase himself from existence by never being born. However, there is still an aspect of himself living within Blindfold’s mind.

The reasons I like Legion so much are that if I was to be any super-powered human from any of the comics, I would want to be Legion. In order to be the single most powerful mutant on the planet I would happily accept that I would be clinically crazy for life.

I already feel like that some days, as an only child, I grew up doing as what most only kids do – talking to imaginary friends.

It’s generally seen as talking to ones self but excused as it’s seen as apart of a child’s brain development, but you know your parents and other adults are keeping a close eye on the behaviour. Anyway, I have continued to talk to what would be considered imaginary people. Personally, I believe in life after death and since one of my best childhood friend’s death hit me pretty hard as a child, I still acknowledge his presence when I’m alone. I tend to speak to my Grandmother too (my mum’s mum) since I was very close with her as a child.

But I also talk to myself when preparing a mental checklist, and I know you all do it – whether it be the groceries, chores or preparing for travel – we all do the, “Ok, do I have ‘XYZ’ and is it with ‘ABC’ in the black suitcase?”

It’s weird and probably something I should stop, but it’s just apart of my nature now, totally involuntary.

Another reason he appeals to me, is in my twisted view of the world where those of us who deserve powers have them, I tend to view autistic and mentally “abnormal” (cause who the bloody hell knows what normal actually is) as superior beings. They tend to view the world in a completely different and amazing way to us. I mean, I do not like children, I truly feel we as humans should have evolved beyond having to be children but I’ve met a couple of autistic kids in my few years on this Earth and I’m seriously impressed, I know one kid who can speak sentences backwards completely, like “How are you?” is “Uoy era woh?” of course he didn’t know it’s not socially acceptable and unfortunately had to be told off by his father for speaking that way at school to his teacher but still, I can’t do that? Can you?  ….. Didn’t think so.

So yeah Legion has made me review mental health, still think some people are just plain crazy and usually it starts as a strand of “Stupid” and progress into full blow “Moronic” before they are deemed insane, however I assume that’s just nature’s way of keeping us in check.

Lastly, David is hot headed, very impulsive and very shoot first (or on little intel) and ask more questions later, just like me.

His temper is still that of a child, he would be roughly 19 / 20 before he undoes his birth, but he behaves like a 7/8 year old. It makes for an even more unstable character, but a more impressive power usage. He grows up over the course of the X-Men Legacy comic series (post AVX) and even accepts responsibility for the disasters caused by rogue personas.

I still love the fact he offers the X-Men the choice to buy Ice-Creams or an ass-kicking but he’s all outta Ice-Creams when they first meet him, and then again years later. It’s like guys, really, super powered psychic psycho vs you, you won’t be walking away from this fight so why fight?!

__hr_Uncanny X-Men 320 (Large)-x-tras-03 __hr_Uncanny X-Men 320 (Large)-11 3184680-x-men+legacy+004-zone-007

See here the list of Legion’s personas. David’s known personas/power combinations include:

  • Jemail Karami (Personality 002): A terrorist leader who once tried to restructure David’s fractured personality in his own image. He possesses telepathy.
  • Jack Wayne (Personality 003): A swaggering adult roustabout adventurer with the ability of telekinesis.
  • Cyndi (Personality 004): A temperamental, rebellious girl with pyrokinesis.
  • The Legion (Personality 005): He is self described as “real me” and by Magik as a “God-Mutant”. He is able to warp-reality to his will and time manipulation. Using these powers he created the Age of Apocalypse and eliminated the Elder Gods.
  • Sally (Personality 067): She is an obese, lonely woman with Hulk-like super strength and increased muscle mass.
  • (Personality 115): She is a British punk rocker who appears to channel sound into energy blasts.
  • (Personality 181): Little is known about this persona, but this persona can enlarge itself to an undetermined size. This was the first power Legion utilized with the Neural Switchboard Wristband.
  • Johnny Gomorrah (Personality 186): He able to transmute objects and enemies into salt.
  • Time-Sink (Personality 227): He can manipulate time.
  • (Personality 302): Little is known about this persona, but Legion used this persona’s rapid punching powers while battling Time-Sink.
  • Styx (Personality 666): Styx power is to use a touch of death to absorb the spirits’ of his victims. After absorbing a spirit, Styx can continue to control the victims body.
  • (Personality 749): Little is known, but Legion used this persona’s electrical discharge powers while battle Time-Sink.
  • (Personality 762): A pirate that appears to belch an acid gas.
  • (Personality 898): He is a centaur.
  • (Personality 933): Little is known about this persona, but in London, Legion used this persona’s power to emit gaseous material at high speeds powers while battling Magneto.
  • Delphic (Personality 1012): She is a blue skinned seemingly omniscient seer willing to answer three questions to supplicants. She also gives off what appears to be electric discharges.
  • “Absence” (Personality ???): Absence is an alien/demon creature who claims to have traveled through realities and stars. Absence’s power is to siphon off heat and love.
  • Bleeding Image (Personality ???): A living voodoo doll.
  • Chain (Personality ???): He is a human virus, turning anyone he touches into a copy of himself with a new weapon. The only way to stop him and revert his victims is to capture the 1(A) iteration.
  • “Charles Xavier” (Personality ???): This new persona, at first dubbed “Fiend” emerged due to the mental shock of Professor X’s death. He has the form of a yellow little goblin-like creature with unknown power and later takes the form of Charles Xavier. He controls the Precognitive power of of David.
  • Chronodon (Personality ???): He is a large dinosaur with a clock for a face. His powers are undefined, but based on his name and appearance his powers are based on time manipulation.
  • The Clown (Personality ???): He is a surly looking circus clown that can blast a light-energy from his mouth.
  • Compass Rose (Personality ???): Can locate any person and teleport to them.
  • Drexel (Personality ???): He seems to be a foul-mouthed, simpleton with super strength.
  • Endgame (Personality ???): An armor who can counter any attack executed against it.
  • Findle the Finder (Personality ???): He can find anyone across the galaxy.
  • Hugh Davidson (Personality ???): He is a stereotypical prepster with a long prehensile tongue.[53]
  • Hypnobloke (Personality ???): A strange gentlemen with flashing swirls for eyes in a top hat and carrying a pocket watch, his powers are that of hypnotic suggestion.
  • Kirbax the Kraklar (Personality ???): A demonic creature with the ability of flight and electricity generation.
  • Ksenia Nadejda Panov (Personality ???): Moscow heiress, discus champion, exporter of caviar, torturer of puppies. She has the ability to generate ionic scalpels from her fingers.
  • K-Zek the Conduit (Personality ???): He appears to be an android with the ability of wireless energy transfer (or WET) and electrical absorption.
  • Marci Sabol (Personality ???): A little girl and the first person to meet David after his return. She helped David, but was killed by another personality. She then became trapped within David’s mind. Her parents were later killed by another of Legion’s personalities. She is a human with no mutant powers.
  • Max Kelvin (Personality ???): Max Kelvin has the appearance of an crotchety old man. His eyes protrude when he uses his powers of plasmatic flame generation.
  • Moira/X (Personality ???): Created to protect Legion’s mind from Doctor Nemesis’ meddling. She was able to best Professor X in psychic battle and warp reality.
  • Mycolojester (Personality ???): A plant like entity with the attire of a jester, has the mutant power to emit toxic spores from the skin pores on his body which acts as a powerful nerve gas. It’s effects can be dissipated however by water.
  • Non-Newtonian Annie (Personality ???): She is a skinny purple women dressed in pink clothes. She has the power to be cloaked in a zero-tainullskin that deflects any attack and according to the law of the conversation of energy, kinetic energy is redirected.
  • The Origamist (Personality ???): The Origamist is a sumo wrestler and reality-changer with space-folding powers.
  • Protozoan Porter (Personality ???): a strange looking near octopoid like personality with physiological resemblances akin to that of a leech. has the ability to teleport by disassembling into multiple little bits of ameboid like particles then reassembling them at a given destination.
  • Pukatus Jr. (Personality ???): He is a small cherub-like demon which can vomit an acidic substance.
  • Skinsmith (Personality ???): He can create skin to cover individuals. However, the skin appears to peel off.
  • Susan in Sunshine (Personality ???): Susan amplifies emotions of those around her, and then turns those emotions into raw energy. She can only be stop by being teased.
  • Tyrannix the Abominoid (Personality ???): A Cthulu-like creature with the power of telepathy and astral projection. He pursued Legion inside the maze of his mind in an attempt to take control of his body while Legion lost control of his personalities. Legion overpowers him however, and takes his powers of telepathy for himself. Legion now wears him as a backpack and accesses his powers frequently.
  • Wormwhole Wodo (Personality ???): He can open wormwholes across the galaxy.
  • Zero G. Priestly (Personality ???): He can control gravity


Ok so I may have spoken more about Legion here, but he genuinely is my favourite male X-Men character and it’s just the extraordinary things he does with his never-ending powers that amaze. He will always be the reason I show some form of respect to the Mental Health Sectors of any country, they are toughest people to deal with simply due to us failing to comprehend their view of the world and vice-versa.

Anyway, stay tuned for the next issue – “Issue #8 –  What do you buy for the bitch that doesn’t stay dead?”

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