Issue #9 – Power of Magic, Power of Light

Hey Internet,

So originally this blog was meant to be about the X-Men Movieverse but after writing the blog up through the first 2 films, I found myself just bitching about stuff that now can’t be changed and it just came across as petty and whiny, I know that’s generally how being a fanboy works, but I have ranted and raved for years about these films and the few serious followers of this blog have already heard the same comments over and over and over again.

So instead, I thought I might go into why I call myself “CardCaptorSatan” which means covering one of the very first anime I ever watched (other than Pokemon, which to me at the time was super American and therefore didn’t count. I still don’t think it counts as an answer when asked “What Anime do you like?”) which is none other than wand waving, tarot card catching magician herself – Cardcaptor Sakura.


Now it’s quite simple really, my best friend who is Sailor Jupiter from my tattoo, she uses her favourite Anime (Sailor Moon) as her handle for most usernames so I figured I might pinch the idea and use “CardCaptor” as part of mine. The “Satan” part is a nickname from Sailor Venus who makes me out to be evil incarnate for my heartlessness towards stupid people at my old job in frontline customer service with her, and thus Cardcaptor Satan came into existence.


I also loved the CCS Anime Series for the fact that the whole cast were essentially gay or bisexual.

Tori & Julian (Or Touya & Yukito) are a couple in the manga and whilst this is toned down for the western dub with Tori and Julian being best friends, you can still see the moments where they are clearly in love with each other, especially when Julian’s true-form as Yue comes into play.


Madison (or Tomoyo) is in love with Sakura, not only her best friend but also has a deeper love for Sakura, much like I think Madison’s mother Samantha had for Natasha (Sakura’s mother)

Lee (Syaoran Li) and his attraction to Julian (Yukito) … although this turns out to be the fact that as a direct descendant of Clow Reed, his magic is tied to the Moon and therefore he is attracted to the power of Yue rather than Julian’s being. Sakura’s magic is tied to the Sun, hence her friendship with Kero.

The fact that the cards are all considered spirits and therefore have emotions in their own right is very cool too. They are all magic created by a single powerful Magician but act and think independently when free from their confined forms (Card Forms)


I guess I like the idea that the Clow Cards represent everything Sakura faces in day to day life at a God-like Level, but each Clow Card capture is still an independent, free-thinking spirit that must be bested and convinced to respect the Card Master. As a kid I use to think the Cards were like Pokemon but just without the fact that everybody can have them haha.

The Clow Cards are also what got me in to Tarot and the Art of Reading the Future. It’s the only bit of precognitive magic I believe works, but I also believe it’s easily persuaded into being something else for each person. Personally I can read Tarot Cards but my readings a generally a case of pinpointing a series of choices, I don’t use 3 cards or 5 cards to answer 1 question as most people can’t focus on the one question. They tend to think about things like “If I take this promotion and move to another country, am I still going to find love and have a happy ending?” That’s asking for a lot of answers, usually I get the notion that the person has created challenges for themselves and have forgotten what they really wanted or why they are conflicted in the first place.

I’m not what I would call accurate, but I can usually tell when I’m on the right track with my interpretation, since as humans, we give away our thoughts with facial expression.


That’s really about it for CardCaptors, it’s literally one of those anime I can watch over and over just for the suggested hints at relationships and the past life of Clow Reed, the creator of the Cards. I would say it’s my guilty pleasure anime I think. I love it with little need for justification.


Next Issue, I’ll be taking a break from the Fandoms and doing some of the leg work for my Zine Fest Zine this year, so I’ll be talking all about Cupcakes – nom nom nom!!! Issue #10 – CardCaptorSatan’s Cupcake Collaboration.

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  1. Sailor Mercury · May 19, 2015

    Love that this blog was supplemented by so many beautiful gifs, hehehe.

    This also reminded me that I have GOT to convert you to more CLAMP series which I think you would enjoy (and so you can suffer the agonies of hiatus with me).

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