Ant-Man: CardcaptorSatan’s Review and Theories

Hey Internet,

So I got to watch Ant-Man last night, this is the latest in Marvel’s line of Avenger related heroes to take to the big screen.

I was expecting it to be just as funny as Guardians of Galaxy and I think that’s basically the only disappointment I had from it, so I can’t fault Marvel Studios there.

For those of you who don’t know the story of Ant-Man, the superhero codename has been used by a few people but started with the original, Dr Hank Pym.

Dr Pym is the founder of the “Pym Particle” and while in the movie it’s a formula that has to be cracked, in the comics it was originally that Dr Pym discovered and isolated a rare group of subatomic particles, which could increase or decrease the size and mass of objects or living beings. The Pym Particles work by stunting matter into the Kosmos Dimension when shrinking an subject or accruing extra matter from that dimension when enlarging.

Originally, these Pym Particles existed in a liquid elixir form which would shrink objects or living being to which it was applied. Later, Pym was able to synthesize Pym Particles into a gaseous form for quick shrinking results with inhalation. He created the Ant-Man Suit to allow him to control his size.

Once Hank seemingly lost his wife Janet (Wasp) to the Skrulls in Secret Invasion, the thief known as Scott Lang took on the mantle, literally.

Scott Lang stole the Ant-Man suit in order to save his daughter, Cassie Lang, from a heart-condition and once he successfully did so, was “trained” and coached into being the hero Ant-Man by non-other than Hank Pym himself.

Scott started as a Fantastic Four affiliated hero and eventually joined the Avengers, only to die at the hands of a psychotic Scarlet Witch when she had the reanimated corpse of the Jack of Hearts who then blew himself up as Scott rushed to him.

His daughter Cassie then took on the Pym Particles to become the heroine “Stature”

The 3rd and 4th “Ant-Man” title holders were Eric O’Grady and Chris McCarthy, both were SHIELD agents and both were killed whilst using the suit – Chris died whilst trying to hide in his shrunken size during a HYDRA attack on the Helicarrier and Eric was killed whilst defending a child from the Villain known as “The Father.”

Since then Scott has been reanimated and I guess as the mantle of Ant-Man still since Hank is considered deceased after merging with Ultron.

Sooooo back to the movie;

The movie is focused on Scott Lang’s run as Ant-Man with Hank Pym mentoring him and whilst Michael Douglas is not my first choice for an older version of the ill-tempered and somewhat childish Hank Pym, he has done a great job filling the role.

Additionally while I was not surprised to see that Wasp was mentioned as a character but not really presented in the film as a companion to Ant-Man, I was surprised to see “Hope Pym” as a character. I never thought that Hank and Janet had gotten to the point where a child was possible, seeing as one of them was dead (first Janet, then Hank, then Janet again and finally Hank for the final time), but hey that’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe for you. Anyway, Hope shares the trademark bob hairstyle that Janet was so commonly drawn with which only confirmed the post-credit scene.

Anyway, Scott still becomes Ant-Man to save Cassie (and the world) but the fact that it’s quite obvious that this is a selfish matter for both Hank and Scott is perfect for staying in line with their comic counterpart’s personalities.

Rather than going through the story in full though, which was great, I was more taken by the fact that in this movie there is no focus on the guy saving the girl and they get together and everyone lives happily ever after. It really is, father saves his daughter and lives ever after. All of the potentially boring emotional moments are spoilt in one way or another on purpose and it made for a good laugh or giggle (some jokes were very much “oh geez Dad, really? Did you just try and be cool right now?” styled) but didn’t take away from the character relationship establishments that needed to be made to keep you interested in what was happening.

The crew that Scott has help him on his big job are a bit of a wet blanket and were really just gap fillers for the audience to see what was happening away from Ant-Man.

Overall, a great film, definitely looking forward to seeing Scott in Civil War ……

Speaking of which, since it’s already been confirmed that Scarlet Witch will be in the Civil War movie and that Falcon, Vision, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-Man and War Machine will all be involved, one assumes that maybe there will be a nod to the Avenger’s Disassembled storyline with Scarlet Witch attacking Scott or at least being the cause of him being gravely injured or killed.

I would love to see Wasp involved too, and since Hank Pym and Wasp were on the side of Iron Man, but since we will clearly not see Goliath or Hank’s Yellow-Jacket personas it’s unlikely we will see “robot-Thor” mercilessly kill a version of Goliath during the peak of the war, (The Goliath killed in the comics was a man named Bill Foster). None the less, I’m pretty sure there will be some Ant-Man carnage come the end of Civil War, and the death of Goliath was the turning point were many Heroes actually swapped sides, most joining Captain America since it was proven that cloning Asgardian Gods was just a further step toward insanity that Iron Man was willing to go in order to win.

Additionally I fail to see how Ant-Man will make it into the Infinity War as anything more than a cameo either since it was Hank that got slightly involved there. That’s more a Daredevil and Wolverine showdown.

But they may surprise me yet, and they are doing way better at surprising me than Fox Studios are – Apocalypse looks like a 90’s Power Ranger villain Ivan Ooze ….. *groans in disappointment*

Anyways, great work once again Marvel – 8/10 rating from this fanboy!

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