Issue #13 – Chilton, Yale and the Gilmore Girls

Well after one hell of a break, and finally some time off from my now incredibly busy life I thought I’d try my hand at writing my blogs again.

I thought since I’ve used some of my annual leave to finally watch “Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life” and rewatch the seasons of Gilmore Girls available on Netflix that I’d try to writing about my thoughts about it as well as some how it shaped my high school years.


Firstly for those of you who have never watched a single episode of Gilmore Girls, the brilliant creation from Amy Sherman-Palladino, it’s a TV show that followed the life of a young mother (Lorelai Gilmore) and her daughter (Lorelai ‘Rory’ Gilmore) through her high school years at Chilton Preparatory School and her Yale University years, it includes their iron-clad mother-daughter relationship, their personal love lives and the individual relationships they have with Richard & Emily Gilmore (Lorelai’s parents and Rory’s grandparents) and the relationships they have with the various friends and acquaintances that come and go throughout their lives, all of this takes place in the fictional town of Stars Hollow.

The appropriately named ‘Gilmore Girls’ are known for being quick witted, highly intelligent and overwhelmingly funny, they do their best to help everyone with everything, for Rory this includes making friends with the school dictator, falling for the “Good Boy,” the “Bad Boy” and the “Rich Boy,” as well as acting as cover for her best friend as she breaches the many, many rules of her religious mother.


I was introduced to Gilmore Girls by one of the few friends I had at high school who was in love with Chad Michael Murray at the time. She told me to start watching it and sure enough it was on TV 2 every Sunday afternoon, and so it became apart of my weekend routine.


Enter Tristan.

I instantly fell in love with the TV show as a whole, the jokes between Lorelai and Rory, Lorelai and Sookie, Rory and Lane, plus the sarcasm from Michel had me hooked in and then I was introduced to Rory’s original White Knight in Shining Armour – Dean Forestor played by the dreamy Jared Padalecki. It was the episode in which Rory and Dean attend a dance at Chilton and Dean fights Tristan (Chad Michael Murray’s character) after Tristan makes some most unwanted passes at Rory in Dean’s presence. I think it was the full chivalry that attracted me to the character of Dean and I was certainly attracted to the actor (as my Supernatural blog pointed out) but I was all for Team Dean and over the course of the rest of the season, I watched as my two favourite characters awkwardly find their way through Rory’s first relationship.


Tristan vs Dean aftermath

I was mortified when she chose Jess, the Bad Boy for Rory in the series played by Milo Ventimiglia who did a great job as an actor, over getting back with Dean at the end of Season 2. I just hated the fact that’s where the storyline went for Rory’s relationships as my celebrity crush disappeared off screen until Supernatural began screening on TV, which would be 4 years later.


I began looking for my very own Dean Forester through the boys at school, and in my last year of high school, I did find him. I won’t name him for the sake of privacy, but he was the only boy who didn’t treat me weirdly for being gay and mostly proud of it (I was still very defensive when I was bullied about being gay) but anyway, my very own Dean was one to befriend me and look out for me as and when he could. He listened to my advice about his puppy love, listened to my random ramblings and still included me in his social life after high school was over. I have continued to hold the characteristics that make up the Dean Forester character in the highest regard as I have continued through life and even my finance has most of the characteristics.

I also tried to learn and remember all the witty retorts and remarks in order to further my defenses against bullying as well as trying to use them as a way to cheer myself up when I particularly crap day.



Nowadays it is my absolute guilty pleasure. I watched the revival with such hope and anticipation only to be sorely disappointed with the whole thing. It was very reminiscent of the final season where Amy Sherman-Palladino was no longer on the creative team and the life of the show started to diminish, the jokes were still funny, but nothing as golden as the first 5 seasons. I understand that the actors had moved on with their careers but the fact that they appeared so sporadically throughout the 4 episodes just infuriated me, the worst was Melissa McCarthy’s absence. The multitude of lame excuses as to why Sookie wasn’t around was the worst form of writing I’d ever seen in the entire series.

I also would have enjoyed an ending with Rory and Logan getting back together completely, not the avid affair they were having throughout the revival. I may not have been a Team Logan fan, but after Dean got married to Lindsay the only decent prospect for a husband for Rory was Logan, and she screwed that up too.


I spoke to my Sailor Jupiter, and she agrees, it’s unfortunate and while she too still loves the the TV show, she feels like the show went downhill after The CW and Amy Sherman-Palladino went their separate ways. Again she had high hopes for the revival and she too was disappointed at the way it was done as well. If scheduling issues were so major, they should have delayed everything until they were all available so they didn’t have to make excuses for so many people.

As I write this I am rewatching Season 4 of the series and after watching the episode with Dean and Lindsay’s wedding where Dean confesses he still loves Rory while drunk during his stag-do made me wish that during the revival they had tried to get Rory back together with Dean as a way of bringing her relationships full circle rather than set up to continue the single mother trend that is the Gilmore Girls backbone. But considering that Rory is the same age as her mother when the series began, it loses the appeal the main series has.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Not a great blog I know, but this has been a good exercise to flex my writing muscles, as I have begun the long trek to writing a fiction novel, the next exercise will be Nanowrimo in November so be on the look out for it. Until then I will endeavour to write another blog about a fandom that inspired my growth into the adult I am currently.

Smell ya later!

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