CardCaptorSatan: A Biography

Who is CardCaptorSatan?

I am a fanboy with a superiority complex, I tend to think I am above the rest of humanity and those thoughts are often warranted. Especially after watching the Evening News and reading the paper each day, don’t you think the same reader?

This blog is currently a series about the fandoms I follow with bits of my past and my future plans.

As a run down of what a fandom is; a fandom is basically a cartoon, programme, genre or hobby that has amassed a following globally, usually groups of fanboys/girls who have built a community around their favourite “thing” and expand or update it regularly even after popularity from the mainstream has diminished.

My fandoms include;

Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Lego, X-Men/Marvel Comics, Cardcaptor Sakura, Supernatural, Big Hero 6, Free! Eternal Summer, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy 14 & Tekken Tag Tournament (so far, I’m sure I’ll discover more as I write)

My hobbies include;

Baking (cupcakes and cookies), making zines, gaming, reading books and now, I’m a big fan of blogging too.

So venture forth and join me as I learn just who I am truly behind the many masks I chose to wear.

See ya round,


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